Our Mission

For over 20 Years, InkBook has been helping tatoo parlors, piercing parlors, and other service providers. Our mission is to help these businesses run seamlessly, gain more profit, and grow!

Our Promise

We continually strive to better understand, and thereby drive growth for tattoo and piercing parlors of all sizes. We offer solutions for single employee businesses all the way up to multi-location and franchise operations.

Our Vibe

Our customer’s success is our success. That’s why we take great pride in our customer service. Our customer Success team is ready to train and support you and your team on your journey to grow and improve your business.

Our Story

DaySmart Software, makers of InkBook Software, started in 1999 and has since been nationally recognized as a leader in automating business communications and workflows through our business management software. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, DaySmart Software prides itself on delivering software solutions for specific business needs. InkBook Tattoo Software has been specifically designed for tattoo studios by incorporating suggestions from the hundreds of business owners who use InkBook every day. InkBook remains committed to developing more robust solutions for tattoo and piercing professionals and to continuing to deliver real business value to our users.

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