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The Importance of Keeping Consistent Client Records

Owning your own tattoo business is one of the most rewarding experiences any tattoo artist can have. Besides seeing the result of your tireless efforts come to fruition, you get to enjoy all the perks of being a freelance tattoo artist.

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Online Booking: 7 Benefits for Your Clients (& You!)

Tattoo artists everywhere are quickly converting to online booking – and, It’s easy to see why. The benefits for your clients and you are really impressive! Every entrepreneur understands the true value of their time. After all, time is money.

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Tattoo Business Card

7 Tattoo Artist Business Card Tips to Increase Bookings

As a tattoo artist, you can’t leave your home without compelling business cards to share. Here are 7 amazing ideas for tattoo artist business cards! There’s a reason why tattoo artist business cards are one of the only old-school marketing

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Mobile App

Feature Update: Making the Most of Mobile

We continue to frequently add enhancements and features to our software in order to make it as efficient and user-friendly as possible for you to grow your business. At InkBook Tattoo Software we know that staying connected to your business

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Tattoo Marketing Strategy

How to Measure Your Tattoo Artist Marketing Strategy

Each business model is different, but working in a tattoo studio can be super fun and creative so it helps to understand some specifics of tattoo artist marketing. Typically, there are two types of people interested in tattoo artist marketing.

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Help With Yelp

How to Set up a Marketing Campaign with Yelp

Help With Yelp As a business owner, there is an ever-increasing number of social media channels that you need to monitor and manage. While there are others, with more than 125 million reviews posted since it’s 2004 inception, Yelp is

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