InkBook Cloud

Sleek and easy to use web-based software

Appointment Book

Manage all your ticket details including client information, prices, and appointment duration from one easy to navigate screen. Each ticket status is conveniently color coded for easy readability, and the layout is customizable to view a single employee or the entire studio for up to an entire week.

Color Codes

Easily keep track of certain types of services with appointment color codes. This allows you to choose a color for each of your services, allowing you to see what services are being booked that day and see what services are most popular in your business.

Free Mobile Apps

Connect to your business information from any device with an Internet connection. Use our free Android, iPhone, and iPad apps or any web browser to access all your data whenever you need it. Your database is housed on our servers, so it’s always protected and backed up for you.

Powerful Reports

More than 25 powerful, easy to read reports are included that track everything from your total sales over a time range of your choosing to client spending, back bar and professional product usage, and even sales forecasting based on geographic location and employee! Plus get all your key business information in an easy to use dashboard.

Photo Management

Photo management is about more than taking pictures. It’s about cataloging the visual evolution of your clients. It’s about providing each client with a library of expressive possibilities. It’s about tracking the artistic development of your employees. Use it simply, or use it boldly. InkBook leaves the choice to you.

E-mail Marketing

Make sure your marketing strategy comes to life with E-mail Marketing and get up to 5,000 emails, free of charge. Take your pick of beautiful, flexible email templates that will look consistent regardless of browser or mobile device. Modify your content with our easy to use editor and make all your marketing materials completely unique to you. Define your audience with new filters that will guarantee your message gets to the right clients at the right time.

Appointment Notifications

Save time and eliminate no-shows with appointment text and e-mail notifications. These notifications give you the ability to add your own flare by being fully customizable, and can be sent automatically throughout the day. In addition to receiving appointment reminders, clients can now confirm their scheduled appointments by two-way text message with appointment confirmations. InkBook can also notify your clients or employees when changes are made to their appointment, or when a new appointment is scheduled for them.

Online Booking

Keep your studio open 24/7 with powerful, customizable online booking! Your website contains online scheduling features, is entirely your own, and can say everything about your business.

Facebook Integration

Easily integrate your business’s Facebook page with online booking and make it even easier for clients to get through your door! Online appointment scheduling for businesses is essential and so is Facebook. That’s why we made it so simple!.

Service Limitations

Set limitations for your employees. With Service Limitation you are able to limit which services or service categories are performed by your employees.

Recurring Appointments

Create a series of recurring appointments for your regulars, or book a client’s next visit while they’re checking out with just a few quick clicks.

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