Software Release History Version 13


August 30 - Version 13.0.1 Build 3025
  • Updated CardConnect promo graphic.
August 24 - Version 13.0.0 Build 3024
  • Enhancements to CardConnect integration; including user interface, displays, processing speed and prompts.
  • Transactions already processed by CardConnect will now be refunded when voided through the software.
  • Manual transactions now cannot be cancelled.
  • New - Loyalty Point Functionality: Products and services may now have separate point systems.
  • Also, loyalty points can now be issued to referring clients automatically.
  • Added ability to select a clients available reward when opening a ticket.
  • New settings to the Hardware Setup tab that allows users to choose what credit card receipts to print after a transaction has been processed.
  • Added a new report named Sales By ZIP And Demographics.
  • Improvements to software themes, user interface and error handling.
  • Optimized email storage.
  • Better instructions when editing gift certificates.
  • Resolved errors with updating services, products, or clients.
  • Fixes related to reports, tickets, and various settings.
  • Fixed an issue where 5 minute services were confusing Online Booking.
August 8 - Version 13.0.0 Build 3021
  • Fixed an issue where adding a tip would sometimes cause the software to crash with CardConnect.
June 13 - Version 13.0.0 Build 3020
  • CardConnect processing enhancements, display tweaks and additional error logging.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed stored credit cards with a Walk In client.
  • Resolved an issue within the software backup system where the software was not making a backup before updating from Version 11 or lower.
June 5 - Version 13.0.0 Build 3019
  • New Credit Card Processing Partner – CardConnect.
    • Added the ability to store credit cards on file.
    • Users will now be able to automatically charge cards on file.
    • Credit card device will now prompt clients to enter a tip, which will be automatically added to the ticket.
    • Credit card transactions can now be voided through the software directly.
    • Easily monitor transactions and run financial reports through CardConnect's online portal CardPointe.
  • Enhancements to confirmation icons on the appointment book.
  • Added a new theme called Minimal.
  • Improvements to themes: Lucid Dream, Noir Moderne, Misty Water, Mountain Peak, Trendy, Aero.
  • Removed the following themes: Chameleon, Claymation, Grey Haven, Irish Hills, Mars Bar, Moonlight, River Bed, Spring Meadow, Space Cadet.
  • Software now uses .NET Framework 4.5.
  • Removed all icons in the drop-down menus.
  • Additional items being recorded on the Activity Log.
    • Deleting a gift card.
    • Deleting a time block.
    • Changing a client ID.
    • Plus delete actions will no longer be removed with activity log clean up.
  • Fixed a bug when adding tips with Independent Contractor's.

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